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Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010


Ruki(Death vocal)

Real name: Matsumoto Takanori (松本たかのり)
Blood Type: B
Birth Date: February 1, 1982
Piercings: 5 on the right ear
Height: 162 cm
Foot size: 25.5 cm
Ring size: Middle finger - 17
Place of birth: Kanagawa Prefecture (Kantou, southern Japan)
Family: Parents, older brother
Cologne: Bvlgari
Favorite Color: Gold, purple, red, black, silver
Favorite Drink: Child Iwai Apple
Disliked Food: Green pepper, beans
Hobby: Rental, Shopping
Favorite Brand: Pink Dragon, THE GAMBLER$, ANTICLASS, bounty hunter, CREAMSODA, RUDE GALLERY, Harugin
My Boom: Skateboarding
Collection: Harugin
Liked Type: A self-aware person, a wonderful person
Disliked Type: An impure girl, a stupid person
Wish to girls: Don't lose sight of yourself
Strong Point: Genuine Side
Weak Point: Genuine Side
Charming Point: Temple
Favorite Animal: Dog (chihuahua), Cat
Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
First Copied Song: Sex Pistols - Bodies
Message: "Let's start from the bottom."
Previous Bands: Mikoto, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose


Real Name: Suzuki Akira (鈴木 亮)
Birthdate: May 27th 1981
Bloodtype: A
Height: 172cm (5'7")
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Favorite Colors: red, white, purple
Favorite Drama: Tokyo Love Story
Favorite Movie: FACE OFF
Favorite Season: Spring
Best Subject in School: Japanese
Family: grandmother, mother, older sister
Perfume: seldom uses any (recently Bvlgari)
Piercings: 1 left ear, 1 right ear
Facts: Likes to drink "Lifeguard", reads Initial D comics and collect anything that has to do with Sex Pistols. Dislikes vegetables, very sweet stuff with the exception of pudding and cake). Frequently flips people off from time to time. Wanted to be a soccer and football player as child.
Pick Up Line: "Since I like you a lot, will you go out with me?"
Likes to Eat: Kit Kats and tarakosupa
Dislikes Eating: Vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, Kai's cooking
Treasures: GazettE fans
Spends Days Off: sleeping, playing games, Watching T.v and playing bass.


Real name: Uke Yutaka
Birthday: 28th October, 1981
Birthplace: Tokushima
Blood Type: B
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Colors: black, red, white, blue, silver, gold
Hobbies: cooking, soccer, collecting Zippos
Cigarette: Red Marlboro Box
Family: Parents
Favorite brand : Custom culture, Justin Davis and TENDERLOIN
Favorite drink : apple juice
Previous Bands: Mareydi†Creia

I heard he likes One Peice and other items... but I lost were all the information I had on him went to.... so... you know what you have to do.
Some random facts of Kai:
On his report card as a child, it was often written that he was “a good and energetic child”
Likes cabbage, mayonnaise and bananas, hates eggplant and taro-root
Got his driving licence on January 6th(2003)
Likes to drink apple juice (prefers it to alcohol)
Wanted to be a football player as a kid
Used to work in a restaurant and as a cleaner
Was put into a hospital once because of a high fever
PJs: naked (wow XD)
Favorite season: winter (because he likes Christmas)
Shoesize: 26cm/10.23 inches
Eyesight: bad

Uruha(Lead guitar)

Real Name: Takashima Kouyou (高島 宏陽)
Position: 1st Guitar
Birthday: June 9th, 1981
Birthplace: Shounan District, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 62kg
Shoe size: 11
Ring size: 19
Colors: purple, grey
Hobbies: billiard, pachinko, bowling, soccer
Favorite Dorama: Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru
Favorite Food: Mentai Korokke Bento
Disliked Food: Blue cheese
Favorite Drinks: Smirnoff, MOET & CHANDON
Brand: PPFM, Docomo, alfredoBANNISTER
Perfume: Gucci Rushes, Bvlgari
Piercings: four on the right ear, five on the left ear
Collection: rings, perfume, liqour
Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light, Maremen Light, PIANISSIMO one
Family: Parents, two older sisters
Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
Admired Musician: SUGIZO
Liked Type: Gentle, grown-up persons
Animals: dog, polar bear, penguin, domestic duck
Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose
Facts: Collects rings and perfume. Enjoys bowling and soccer. Likes to drink Smirnoff. Is the uncle of two nephews. Thinks he looks smart in glasses. Dislikes eating olives.
Equipment: ESP Japan's signature models
Guitar playing: Uruha is the lead guitarist of the band and thus plays almost every guitar solos in their songs. His guitar playing can be heard through the right side speaker.


Aoi (葵) – Guitarist
Translation of name:葵- Hollyhock (type of flower)
Real Name: Shiroyama Yuu (シロヤマ ユウ)
Birthdate: January 20, 1979
Bloodtype: A
Height: 171cm (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)
Foot Size: 26.5 cm
Ring Size: 19 ~ 23
Birthplace: Mie
Favorite Colors: white, black
Favorite Animals: dogs, cats, etc
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Phrase: "No."
Best Subject in School: Home Economics
Perfume: Bvlgari, Davidoff, Sculpture, Samourai
Piercings: 1 lip, 1 right ear, 3 left ear,1 navel (removed for good), 1 nose
Facts: Likes Asahi super dry and coffee and collects sunglasses, cologne and accessories. Enjoys surfing and kendo. He wears clothes fans send to him.
Equipment: ESP (Japan's signature models), K-Yairi.
Guitar playing: Aoi is the guitar player of Gazette. His playing can be heard through the left speaker. Aoi plays solos and he plays the most acoustic in Gazette.
Wanted to be a pro motorcycle driver during his childhood


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